The César’s Thumb

Before even entering into the Pompidou Center

The Sun King

Fabulous ephemeral decor on the front of the Louis Vuitton’s building

Picasso 1932, Erotic Year

An exhibition which traces the work of Picasso and its evolution over a year : 1932

A break at « Les 2 au coin »

A brunch, a lunch, a snack in the middle of flowers?

Wonderful Pastéis de Nata : « Comme à Lisbonne »

Do you know the most classical portuguese dessert?

Pop Art

The collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York is a veritable anthology of the 20th and 21st century American Art

Eastern Christians

A wonderful tour.

Christianity was born in the East. For two millennia Christians have an important role.

Rubens : Princely portraits

For the first time, 65 princely portraits by Rubens

Vermeer and the masters of genre painting

An exceptional exhibition proposes by the Louvre museum.

An interactive novel

Volume 1 of the transmedia trilogy La Vénus d'Emerae